The Satellite Classic is now under new ownership: Erick Oosthuizen recently launched Slipstream events and brought five cycling events under the Slipstream umbrella (2 x MTB races and 3 x road events).

With over 20 years of event management, data management and event marketing experience, Erick knows the cycling market and has a keen understanding of cyclists’ needs. What’s more, he has been involved in all these events since their inception.

“Our vision to return these incredible events to their former glory, grow them further, and introduce them to a new generation of cyclists,” says Oosthuizen.

He also aims to make the events more accessible by reducing entry fees, and wants to support veteran racing and elite racing, while maintaining the balance between the competitive and recreational elements of these races.

“We want to be inclusive and transformative, and showcase these events as the pride of their region.”

To ensure continuity, 90% of the event’s service providers will remain the same.